ish his plunder and money on ill-fa■med mistresses, who were sometimes Indians,■ sometimes negresses, and but ra●rely pure white. He was about thirty-five ye■ars old, square built, had broad ■shoulders, a swaggering gait, stood six f■eet when at himself, and erect, had red hair an■d a bad eye and a face that meant f●ight when cornered—and desper●ate fight at that. November 22, 1864, ■was an autumn day full of sunshine and fal●ling leaves. Riding sou

thward from Mis■souri Lieutenant Shepherd met Captain Goss ri●ding northward from Cane Hill. Shepher■d had twenty-six men, rank and file. ●It was an accidental meeting—one ■of those sudden, forlorn, isola●ted, murderous meetings not rare during the w●ar—a meeting of outlying detachments that asked● no quarter and gave none. It took place on● Cabin Creek, in the Cherokee● Nation.

Each rank arrayed itself s

p●eedily. There were twenty-six men a■gainst thirty-two. The odds were not● great—indeed they never ha●d been considered at all. There225 came ●a charge and a sudden and terrible storm o■f revolver bullets

. Nothing so weak as the Kans●as detachment could possibly live before the dea●dly prowess and pistol practice o●f the Missourians. Of the thirty-two, ●twenty-nine were killed.

king way f

One, rid●ing a magnificent race horse, es●caped on the wings of the win■d—one, a negro barber, was tak■en along to wait upon the Guerrillas, and th●e third, a poor emaciated skeleton, a●s good as dead of c

onsumption, was permitted● to ride on northward, bearin●g the story of the thunderbolt. Am●ong the Missourians four were killed. In the me■lee Jesse James encountered Goss an●d

o●r every
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